Princeton Growth Partners Services

Princeton Growth Partners (PGP) helps companies drive organic growth through innovation. We have successfully helped firms increase the pace of technology development and commercialization; improve the sales and margin impact of innovation; and create a high performance culture in R&D so that bottom line contributions are predictable and can be incorporated into business plans. Test.

Building a high performance R&D culture: There is a marked difference between R&D organizations that are driving substantial value and those that are not. High performance R&D organizations generate incremental operating profit significantly greater than the cost of R&D and significantly greater than what was delivered the prior year. It is amazing to us how many firms spend hundreds of millions of dollars on R&D without any significant impact on their earnings statement. We help companies move from strong technical functions to high-impact organizations providing innovation essential to business success.

Accelerating the pace of commercialization: Shorter product life cycles, faster commoditization of products and services, aggressive new competitors, and arbitrage driven by electronic media are all driving the need for faster innovation. Princeton Growth Partners helps identify what is limiting the rate of innovation in your organization. We then work with you to address root causes and build the organizational capability for speed. The result can be more than a doubling of the flow of new products to market.

Developing new and adjacent markets: Achieving superior performance requires growing faster than your peers and faster than your aggregate customer base. The quickest, lowest-risk path to achieving superior performance is often leveraging existing assets, particularly technology developed for core markets, to move into new and adjacent markets. In addition to fueling sales, research shows that new products/applications typically command much higher margins than the base business. We have a proven track record and unique process for helping companies to leverage their assets to move into new and adjacent markets. The most profitable

opportunities are often not the most obvious.

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